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  • You need to get your information out on a real website

  • And you need it now

  • Dig it: we can create you a Basic Website that has a simple no nonsense feel and a clean, impactful look

  • Temporary Event Websites Home Sales Websites Estate Sale Websites Just ask us, we can do it at a low price

Special Offer: A new website, up in 1-3 days, for $129.00 including domain name and 1 year free hosting!

Sure you can go to Wix or Godaddy and use their websites tools to create one yourself and get on the road to hell and back. And will you get what you really want? One thing we will say is you will get a website that has a very generic look. Not good. People are sick of those slick websites without any soul. Every Website we do is Hand-Coded. You will work with a live person who wants to help you get started.
And, we can expand this website as your business grows. Your website will have an image you choose and information that you send us. We will help you make sound decisions.

We will set you up on our server or we can work on any other server like etc.

No headaches with Wordpress either like keeping it updated, plugin crashes etc. Our sites are written in simple HTML5 which is and is virtually unhackable.

We will set you up with up to three seperate pages ( or all on one page if you prefer ):

  • 1. Landing(Home) Page with your custom info and a nice graphic of your choosing

  • 2. Contact with Phone number, Email Address (clickable) and Business Address

  • 3. One More page that can contain up to 20 images of your business, samples of your work or pictures of your family

So if all you really want is a low-cost website up in 3 days, or less, give us a call. We have created new websites, and had them online, in as little as 4 hours.

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